November Pet of the Month is. . .



Favorite Food: Kitty cookies for being a good girl! And coconut oil on her dry food.

Favorite Toy:  Soft horsie to play tug-of-war with.  She’s loves playing tug-of-war with her brothers, Charlie and Taco!

 Something Unique: She loves taking folded laundry and dropping on the floor so mom has to fold it all over again.

Special talent: Very good at galloping.

Pet peeve: So adventurous but gets cockleburs stick in her fur.



October’s Pet of the Month is…



Favorite Food: Hill’s Science Diet (chicken and rice)

Favorite Toy:  Giraffe baby

 Something Unique: Rosie has been in videos for Hill’s pet nutrition.  She is a star!

 Special talent: Rosie can stand on her two back legs when she is about to get a treat.

 Pet peeve: She hates making left turns in the car.  Not sure why….. 




September Pet of the Month is…



Favorite Food:  Ice cubes

Favorite Toy:  My two brothers

Something Unique: I’m from Nashville

Special talent: I can do the Conga dance!

Pet peeve:  when mom doesn’t let me eat the plant in the house 


August Pet of the Month is …




Favorite Food:  Carrots

 Favorite Toy:   Rope toy

 Something Unique: Charlie sleeps between two pillows

 Special talent: Sleeping and playing with Dad

Pet peeve: Thunder 



July’s Pet of the Month is…


 Favorite Food:  Carrots


Favorite Toy:   Rope toy


Something Unique: Charlie sleeps between two pillows


Special talent: Sleeping and playing with Dad


Pet peeve: Thunder 

Favorite Food:  EVERYTHING, but when he jumps high enough to get at the cat’s bowl of food he is very happy!

 Favorite Toy:  Purple dinosaur or mom’s big foam kitchen mat that he loves to tear up

 Special talent: He is a singer, find some Gregorian chant music and he will start howling




June Pet of the Month is…….


Cooper comes to see Dr. Wallis for beak and nail trims….and sometimes kisses.

Favorite Food: Strawberries and grapes

Favorite Toy: A walnut! He will toss it up in the air and catch it for hours.

Something Unique: Blind in left eye

Special Talent: Dances and whistles songs on the spot.

Pet Peeve: When his owner leaves the house



May Pet of the Month is…



Pennyjack has been with MAH and grooming with DeLisa every couple of month since 2016. As with almost any cat, she does not like to be groomed, but she puts up with it and doesn’t complain-she is a lady.

Favorite Food:  Chicken rope treats

Favorite Toy:  Windsor the family dog. They are best friends that play back and forth.

Something Unique: Likes to lick family members foreheads.

Special talent: Snorts when playing with ribbon.

April Pet of the Month is…



Favorite Food:  5 calorie treats

 Favorite Toy:   She has tons, but doesn’t play with any of them

 Something Unique:  Very independent

March Pet of the Month is…


Favorite Food:  Blue horn worms

 Favorite Toy:   feeding tongs

 Something Unique: She likes to hang out on mom’s laptop while watching youtube

February Pet of the Month is…


Favorite Food:  Hot dogs 

Favorite Toy:   Stuffed chicken

Something Unique:  He is a barker, his owner’s worry about the neighbors 🙂


January Pet of the Month is….


Favorite Food: dog treat 🙂

 Favorite Toy:   her blanket-she is very protective of it

 Something Unique: best snuggler ever!




December Pet of the Month is…



Favorite Food: K/D chicken stew

Favorite Toy:   to be left alone

Something Unique:  She will jump up to be petted, but be careful because after five pets she might bite you. Bo has been the office cat since 2003.




 Favorite Food: whipped cream and frozen blueberries

 Favorite Toy:  stuffed chewbacca toy or her stuffed puppy (the puppy looks like her)

 Something Unique: Roo will only eat FROZEN blueberries.  Once they start to thaw she will spit them back out and then ask for more.




Favorite Food: Dog biscuits from Kirkland-he won’t eat any other brand!

Favorite Toy: white bone that he loves to chew on (it’s always by his side)

Something Unique: He HAS to have his belly rubbed before bedtime and will NOT cooperate until he gets his “belly rub” for the night




  Favorite Food:  French fries

 Favorite Toy:   Stuffed chicken

 Something Unique:  I don’t like to ride in the car.




Favorite Food: Mexican

 Favorite Toy:   Food

 Something Unique:   Loves life

Pet Peeve:   I don’t get to go on vacation with my family to Hawaii (per Dr. Wallis.)




Favorite Treat: Cantaloupe and dandelion flowers

Favorite Activity: Sleeping

Weirdest Thing: Sandy likes to give the “stink eye” to the family.



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Daisy is almost one year old and loves to play. She will only eat her cat food and nothing else. Her favorite toy is a pink fuzzy camouflage ball that she carries around the house and tosses. She is very athletic, leaping all the way up to your shoulders and staying there to take a ride.




This is Scout!!  Scout comes in for grooming because he always wants to look good for the ladies.  His favorite food is cheese and chicken.  Scout and his snoopy dog like to play all the time at home.  He also has a couple of unique habits:  Scout loves to watch t.v. and if he is not doing that he wants to talk to his grandma on the phone.



This is Kobe!  He comes to see us for his pedicures.  He is sensitive and shy and sometimes doesn’t like his feet messed with!  He is a very special to his family as well as us at MAH which is why he is our pet of the month.

Favorite Food:  Cheerios

Favorite Toy:  He loves to chase any kind of ball, especially tennis balls

Something unique:  He rings a little bell when he needs to go out to potty, what a smart dog!


This is Rosie. She comes and stays with us and visits DeLisa, our groomer, to get beautiful. She is a very laid back dog who loves to cuddle. That’s why we made her our pet of the month!

Favorite food: Anything that falls from the baby’s highchair or what she can get the children to give her.

Favorite toy: She loves to chew her Antler toy!

Something unique: She loves to lick. Her owners call her the ‘little licker”. Always ready to give kisses!



Pet of the month - Feb picThese two were some of our rescue kittens that we didn’t think were going to make it but look at them now!!!!!

Favorite Foods:  Greenies flavor fusion feline and kitten tender chicken chunks with gravy

Favorite toys:  Pink Mouse and each other

Naughty habits:  Hiding from mom when it’s time to trim their nails

April 2016 PET OF THE MONTH: Jackson

Meet Jackson! Our April 2016 Pet of the Month 

Jackson is a 6 year old Shih Tzu/Poodle mix. He LOVES food, and isn’t picky when it comes to treats. His mom says he likes to sleep on couches and beds, especially when he can find the big fluffy blankets and drag them around. We all love when he comes to visit and get groomed because he looks like a sweet little Teddy Bear when DeLisa finishes, and he has the personality to match! We love this little cuddle bug and that’s why we chose him as April’s PET OF THE MONTH!

February 2016 PET OF THE MONTH: Tippy

Meet TIPPY! Our February 2016 Pet of the Month

Tippy is a 13 year old Maltese, who has been coming to see us since he was a baby. We LOVE seeing Tippy here at the clinic, and he loves coming to see Dr Wallis and his groomer DeLisa. We asked Tippy’s mom for some cute facts about him and here is what she said:

“Rachel and Connor (our kids) named him Tippy, after my sister’s dog, also named Tippy.
Tippy’s middle name is Marshmellow.
Tippy was the first puppy patient when Dr. Wallis opened her clinic in 2002.
Tippy’s favorite people food is pancakes.
Tippy loves laying on top of the couch and looking out the window.
Tippy has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He’s the first dog that we”ve had in our family and it’s so true what everyone says, “there’s nothing like the unconditional love
that a dog brings into your life.”

January 2016 PET OF THE MONTH: Fred

Meet Fred—Our January Pet of the Month. Fred is a 5yr old purebred Basset Hound who has been coming to us since 2012, after he was rescued from a shelter in Pittsburg, KS. They named him Fred, like the Basset hound from the 1977 movie “Smokey and the Bandit”. He enjoys chasing squirrels, and sleeping. He hates getting his ears cleaned out, but it’s all well-worth it since his dad usually takes him to McDonald’s for a cheeseburger after his laser treatment appointments. Fred is a happy-go-lucky kid and is always ready for some extra attention from anyone he meets.

December 2015 PET OF THE MONTH: Molly and Flossie

Molly is a 13 year old beagle who has been coming to us since she was around 4 years old. She’s a sweet little old lady who enjoys cuddling and any extra attention she can get. Her favorite person in the world is her mom and she is very loyal. Recently when her mom fell and broke her leg, Molly laid on the floor next to her to make sure she was okay. Molly came from a hunting background and was given up because she was afraid of the guns. When her mom went to meet her at the shelter, she was instantly hooked and they have been inseparable ever since. Her second favorite person is Tammy, the vet tech here at MAH who extra spoils her every time she comes in to see us. She loves treats and kisses.

Flossie is a 7 year old “Chi-weenie” (Chihuahua/dachshund mix), and boy is she feisty! She had two homes prior to her now-forever home because she is not very fond of men and would bite. But with lots of time and love spent with her, she now understands “no biting”. She always has a ton of energy and is ready to run around and play at any given moment. She LOVES toys, they are scattered all over the house. She has bonded with her dad and always announces when he comes home. Flossie is the baby of the family.

November 2015 PET OF THE MONTH: Buster Brown

This Pet of the Month edition is a little different. We had nominated Buster Brown for our November POM, but sadly, he crossed Rainbow Bridge before we were able to feature him. To honor his memory, we would still like to make him Pet of the Month. With the help of his family, we were able to put together a little biography for him.

Buster was a great lap dog. He liked to snuggle on the couch with his mom every night. When his family adopted him, he was being fostered by a woman who only had cats. He used to Purr when they first got him. They also had to teach him to bark. (“No lie- this is the truth.”) Buster loved peanut butter… and crayons. If the girls dropped a crayon, he would gobble it up. (“Gross”—says mom). Buster also used to bark at any animal on TV (ranging from the bird on Big Bob’s commercials to horses to dogs). He had a “unique” temperament. His mom says “we used to lovingly call him ‘Our crotchety old man’. He was opinionated about what he liked and disliked. He was extremely outspoken if you invaded his personal space. Ask my girls, he told them quite often and clearly, when they needed to back off.”

Buster was an important part of their family and they are missing him SO much. He was such a happy little guy and always put a smile on our faces here at the clinic. A huge thank you to Buster’s family for allowing us to care for him and be a part of his life, as well as yours.

October 2015 PET OF THE MONTH: Bo

Favorite toy: rope toy and chew toy

Favorite place: In dad’s truck. (Bo LOVES car rides)

Least favorite place/thing: going to the doctor. JUST KIDDING! 🙂 He loves coming and getting lots of love and attention from the staff, but doesn’t like when we have to clean out his ears.

Favorite snack: The yummy beef jerky treats that he gets during his laser treatments.

If Bo had any words of wisdom, what would they be?: “Stay active!” Bo loves to run free and play, he doesn’t like being on a leash.

This sweet boy has won our hearts and we love when he comes to visit. He is always so happy to see us and loves to hand out kisses.

September 2015 PET OF THE MONTH: Gladys

Favorite Food:  Whatever the kids are eating!  Even though she only gets dry dog food, she never gives up hope that someday the kids are going to drop something on the floor just for her!

Favorite Treat:  Hugs!

Favorite Pass time:  Chasing Rabbits, Squirrels, Birds, Snakes!  She even chases them in her sleep!

Special Talent:  Licking

She is our best friend!  She is always there for us and we will always be there for her!!!!

August 2015 PET OF THE MONTH: Emily and Cole 

Emily is a 1 year old female Pixiebob who has been coming to us since she was a baby. While she appears to be a cat, her favorite activity is playing FETCH with her stuffed toy bird! She looooves cheese, and will come running when she hears her mommy or daddy pull it out of the fridge. She’s a good big sister to Cole, and loves to chase him around the house and wrestle with him.

Cole is an 8 month old wild animal! (Just kidding, he’s really a kitten 🙂 ) Cole came to MAH as a foster baby when he was just a few weeks old. He spent some time with us and grew up way too fast. From there, he was adopted by Emily and her family. His favorite thing to do is climb the shelves in his mommy’s bear room and has taken possession of one small red bear, which he plays with and cuddles with all the time. He also loves his sister Emily and cheese snacks.

“HELLO!!!!…Who’s a good boy?”

Meet Loki, our July PET OF THE MONTH: Loki is a two year old Amazon Parrot.

Favorite snack: blueberries

Least favorite thing:CATS! (Mom says I like to pull their tails)

Favorite person: Mom (I love her very much and I am her BABY BOY!)

Cool trick: I can sound like a party horn when I get excited.

I love listening to Billy Joel and will even dance a little, but my all time favorite music ever, is any song from the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.


Jenni is an 8 year old Rat Terrier who has been a patient since 2010. Although a little shy, she LOVES to cuddle. Her favorite thing to do is jump up in her Dad’s arms so that he can hug her. Jenni absolutely loves her family and would do anything to make them happy. We love when Jenni comes to visit, she is so sweet and always so happy to see us!



Favorite thing to do: Cuddle                                     Favorite treat: chicken and turkey

Favorite place to be: Wherever her mommy is           Favorite toy: her pink plastic dinosaur

Favorite color: Pink (because she is a princess!)

Francesca is very loved by her mommy and daddy and it’s easy to see why. She is quite the lover and all she wants to do it be held. Oh, and eat chicken and turkey. But shhh– Don’t tell Dr. Wallis! Whenever Francesca comes to visit, she likes to show off her singing skills and howl us a song. We like to think she’s going to be the next American Idol. 🙂 We all love this little angel.


 Gracie’s Favorite Place: Daycare at Swanson’s Dog Park

Cinco’s Favorite Place: Monticello Animal Hospital

Favorite Treats: Beggin’ Strips

Gracie & Cinco are such sweet babies. They are very loved by their family and super spoiled.They love to sit in the chairs and wait for Dr. Wallis to come in to see them. It’s always great to see them when they come for a visit.


These kittens are approximately 8 weeks old and need a forever home!  The orange tabby is a boy, the buff tabby is a boy, and the grey kitten is a girl.  We are fostering these kittens for the KC Pet Project.  The adoption fee is $50.00 which includes:  vaccines, deworming, microchip, and spay/neuter.  If you are interested please contact us at 913-422-0301 or come by during business hours.  Lets find them a loving home!



 Favorite thing to do:  sleep & eat               Favorite treats: cheerios & raisins

He is always begging for food and he loves ice cubes/chips

He can be very naughty, especially when he chews up things

He is very loved by his owners!

Meet our January/February 2014 Pets of the Month: BoBo and Winny

Favorite toys: squirrels, deer, turkey, or anything they can chase in woods

Favorite colors: red, blue, and purple (they are a house divided)

Favorite place to sleep:  Bobo likes to lay at the foot of dad in the recliner, Winny likes the couch!

Favorite place to visit:  Aunt Crista’s house (Dr. Wallis)


Meet our October/November 2013 Pet of the Month:  MiMi

This cute kitten was found wandering the streets of KCK and rescued by our very own technician Mel!

Favorite toy:  make up brushes                                Favorite color:  pink

Favorite thing to do:  pounce on her housemate Sparta

Least favorite thing to do:  stay inside

Meet our August/September 2013 Pet of the Month:  Lola

Favorite treat:  the red cabbage in the organic spring mix              Favorite color:  pink

Least favorite thing:  loud noises                                              Favorite hangout:  her log

Favorite activity:  playing with Claire and running through her obstacle course

Meet our June 2013 Pet of the Month:  Thatcher

Thatcher looks sad because he just got his new knee and has to be in a cage.

Favorite treat:  cheese                                       Favorite hangout:  on the sofa

Favorite activity:  playing and chewing              Favorite color:  red

Least favorite thing:  being calm!

Meet our May 2013 Pets of the Month, Lori, Curly, & Moe

Lori, Curly, and Moe are 3 momless kittens from KC Pet Project our Technician, Cheri has been fostering since they were one week old. They will be available for adoption at KC Pet Project once they are 8 weeks old.

Favorite Treat: kitten formula from Momma Cheri’s bottle

Favorite Hangout: Monticello Animal Hospital while mom works and the bathtub at home

Favorite Activities: Eating, Stalking, and Pouncing

Favorite Color: Silver n’ Gold

Favorite Thing: Homemade cardboard tunnel

Least Favorite Thing: Baths

If you’re interested in fostering your own litter of kittens or puppies for KC Pet Project you can fill out a foster application online at: http://kcpetproject.org/volunteer/foster-a-pet/

Meet our April 2013 Pet of the Month, Mollie!

Mollie just had herself an adorable litter of 4 chinese crested puppies! She is a great mom!

Favorite Treats: homemade pumpkin & peanut butter treats

Favorite Hangout: Anywhere her owner is, but she is most fond of being under the covers on their bed (or is it hers in which she is allowing them to sleep?)

Favorite Activities: Playing with her stuffingless fox, especially if Dozer is playing with her. Keep away is so much fun!  The other favorite thing is getting dressed. She is quite the Diva!

Favorite Color: Pink, because she looks so good in her pink sweater.

Least Favorite Thing: Taking a bath.  She is always good while she is getting one, which is weekly to keep her skin looking its best, but she will hightail it to the opposite end of the house as soon as she hears you start the water.

Meet our February 2013 Pet of the Month, Junior!

 Junior is one of our patients with the worst year round allergies we see. His owners have done so much from perscription food, medicated baths, allergy testing with home injections, to a variety of medications. Mom says every penny they’ve spent on him is worth it. We are all thrilled how well he is finally doing on his current medication.

Favorite Treats: Homeade French Fries

Favorite Hangout: End of the sofa with his head on the arm. If you’re sitting in his spot you better move when he wants there.

Favorite Activity: Swanson’s Dog Park

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Thing to Play With: Anything plush he has to hide and tug on with his brother Pluto. Has to be replaced every couple weeks.

Least Favorite Thing: Bath time

Meet our January 2013 Pet of the Month, Gypsy!

Gyspy is a bulldog who belongs to our technician Cheri. Gyspy survived Cheri’s house fire this past December. The fire fighters didn’t find her in the house until they were walking through what was left of the house after the fire was put out. A true miracle!

Favorite Treat: Anything edible

Favorite Hangout: Outside

Favorite Activity: Running like a fool

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite thing to play with: Bones

Least favorite things: Brooms, Mops, Trashbags, Tape dispensers, basically anything that makes noise.

Meet our December 2012 Pet of the Month, Journey!

Favorite Treat: Dr. Wallis’ canned food

Favorite Hangout: Stump Park and my beds in the palace

Favorite Activity: Walking and running through the park

Favorite Color: Red for the KC Chiefs

Favorite thing to play with: Empty water bottles

Least favorite thing: Taking pills

Meet our November 2012 Pet of the Month, Minuet!

Favorite Treat: Whipped cream

Favorite Hangout: In the sunlight

Favorite Activity: Playing with toy mice

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite thing to play with: Catnip mouse

Least favorite thing: Getting my dirty feet washed


Meet our October 2012 Pet of the Month, Akaya!

 Favorite Treat: Beggin’ Strips

Favorite Hangout: Swanson Dog Park

Favorite Activity: Playing with other dogs

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite thing to play with: Old coffee cans

Least favorite thing: Wearing my harness/lead


Meet our September 2012 Pet of the Month, Molly!


Favorite Treat: Seven-way tie between peanut butter, children’s socks, play-doh, Q-tips, baby birds, crab grass, and Frosty Paws dog ice cream

Favorite Hangout: This spot under the corner of the deck where the critters live..I can’t actually hang out there, but I spend a lot of time with my snout stuck under there.

Favorite Activity: Sleeping on mom and dad’s bed, preferably covered by a pile of clean, warm laundry.

Favorite Color: Red, I guess.

Favorite Thing: The sound of the garage door opening at the end of the day, signifying the fact that my dad is home from work (and preparing to feed me dinner).

Least Favorite Thing: Tie between fireworks and having my toenails clipped.

Best word that describes me: I would say ‘Diva’ My dad would say, ‘Lovable Ogre’. My mom’s word would have to be censored.


Meet our August 2012 Pet of the Month, Tucker!

 Favorite Treat: Sweet Potatoes

Favorite Hangout: Sofa in front of the window

Favorite Activity: Sleeping

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Thing: My Bone

Least Favorite Thing: Cats

Best word that describes me: Handsome